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Lviv State College of Physical Education
Lviv State College of Physical Education - A specialized school sports profile, which ensures the development of sports skills  and talents of children and young athletes to prepare for higher categories - reserve to national teams of Ukraine the priority  Lviv to sports: boxing, fight-free, rowing and canoeing, water polo, handball, gymnastics sports, athletics,  Luge, bullet shooting, archery, modern pentathlon, fencing, football. Others, which trains athletes in the college approved the overall order of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine and Ministry of Ukraine for Youth and Sports of 30.06.2005, the № 389/1041 as amended by the submission of the Department of Education and the Department of Physical Culture and Sports of the Lviv regional state administration.
        School implements its activities in accordance with the provisions of the special school sports profile approved by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine from 05.11.1999, № 2061.
        Today Lviv State School of Physical Training - a training center that includes higher education and levels of accreditation, which trains specialists with higher education, specializing 5.01020101 "physical education, and specialized  boarding-school sports profile.        This arrangement and combination of educational and sports-train-of plentiful, year-round internment promising athletes in the region within  Educational Complex, the necessary logistical, financial and regulatory conditions, as well as the Memorandum of Lviv State University  Physical Culture on a Galician regional scientific-educational complex allowed  first time in Ukraine  create a system of graded education from leading athletes and unique  in the world system of continuous training of sports reserve  national teams of Ukraine: YOUTH, SYSOR-sportinternata - School of Physical Education - University of Physical Education, high school sports skills. It gave positive results in training athletes, capable of  compete in the all-Ukrainian and  international arena.
According to the results of Ukraine-review with senior sports achievements in 2008. Lviv State College of Physical Education has undertaken 2 among 18 institutions of specialized sports profile.


Lviv, Knyagyni Olgy St.,1
tel: (032) 238 27 92
fax: 238 27 93


Rodak Stepan Myhaylovych

Water Polo
Gymnastics (Artistic)
Modern Pentathlon