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Julia Cook - fifth at the World competition

Julia Cook goes to the World competition

From 6 until 12 December 2009. in m.Doha, capital of Qatar held the XIV World himnaziada. In the school team Ukraine national athletics himnaziadi take part in student and course Lviv State School of Physical Education Julia Cook. Julia competes in the 200m run at the obstacle.

Julia Cook - bronze medalist in track cross Ukraine

In Bila Church October 24-25, 2009. Ukraine took the championship in track cross. Students and course LUFK Julia Cook won third place in age group girls yuniorok and joined the youth team that will prepare for the European and world championship.
Technical performance results of all pupils and students UFC:
- Yevochka Irina (Third room) - women dyst.4000m - 12 place, time - 15.18,0;
- Julia Cook (And K.) - Juniors 2000m - third place - 6.51,0;
- Bubnyak Irina (11 cl.) - Juniors 2000m - 7 seats - 7.02,0;
- Wright Oksana (11 cl.) - Juniors 2000m - 9 place - 7.04,0;
- Julie Sparrow (10 cl.) - Girls 1000m - 8 place - 3.06,0.

Dmitry Demyanyuk recovered after surgery

In Yalta on 22-23 September 2009. have competition in athletics at the Ukraine Cup teams SHVSM. In the high jump result of international class -- 231 cm showed pupil athletics department LUFK Dmitry Demyanyuk. At the end of last year Dmitry endured a difficult surgery to restore anterior knee crossed connections and here again recently jumped above 230 cm.

Third place in this type of program took another pupil department and coach Valerie Lebedyuka Viktor Shapoval. The results -- 220 cm.

Yuri Loktionov - silver medalist in Ukraine

In Ivano-Frankivsk in the framework of international competition on the walking trails on the theme "evening Ivano-Frankivsk has passed and, Ukraine championship among youth in walking on 50 km. Silver Championship became a student of III year LUFK Yuri LoktionovThe first time in my life started on this very "male" distance.

LUFK Athletics team on Ukraine Cup

Yalta in Ukraine finished the championship teams YOUTH, SYSOR Athletics (1992r.n athletes. And mol.). In the 2000m run at the obstacle double victory made pupils honored coach of Ukraine Michael Stashkiv. Julia Kuhar  (First course) took first place with a score of 7.04,40, and the second was 11 class pipil Oksana Raita - 7.09,72. Yesterday, another distinguished pupil Michael Stashkiva Irina Bubnyak, who won the 1500m distance. 9 class pupil Julia Chekan  6 took place in the running for the 3000m.

Irina Bubnyak - champion of Ukraine among girls

Held in Yalta, Ukraine championship athletic teams and DYUSSH SDUSHOR (boys 1992r.n. And mol.). In the final race among girls in the 1500m distance was equal odynadtsyatyklasnytsi LUFK Irina Bubnyak. Her time - 4.35,22.

Dmytro Demyanyuk win in Slovakia

Disciple athletics department LUFK Dmytro Demyanyuk triumphed in the high jump at the international tournament "7th Athletics BridgeIn the Slovak city of Dubnica. The results 2m 24sm.


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