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Клод Юнес у топ – 8 етапу Кубка світу з фехтування на рапірах


У Будапешті Гаравський поступився майбутньому переможцю


Вихованки ЛУФК серед призерок національного Кубка з рапірного фехтування


На Універсіаді Почкалова восьма


Фехтувальники їдуть у Лейпциг

У Франції виступили невдало

У м.Сен-Морі (Франція) пройшов черговий етап Кубка світу з фехтування на шпагах. На жаль, українська збірна, у складі якої виступало 3 вихованок ЛУФК, виступила невдало. Яна Шемякіна – на 19 позиції, Ксеня Пантелєєва – 151, Анфіса Почкалова – 161. У командних змаганнях українки одинадцяті.

Xenia Pantyelyeyeva has no concurents in Kiev

Along with fencing tournament in Ukraine in Kiev held the traditional IX international fencing tournament in memory of swords and the USSR Honored coach of Ukraine S. KOLCHINSKOGO. In Kiev, there was equal odynadtsyatyklasnytsi LUFK Xenia Pantyelyeyeviy. Xenia won the competition among women and once again showed that the leader of the youth national team of Ukraine to participate in the Youth Olympics 2010.
Pleasant surprise was the 8 th place desyatiklassnitsa College Julia whistled.

M. Lozynska and O. Senyuta got scores

In Lviv on 14-16 December 2009. has been a traditional national fencing tournament in memory of W. and M. Andrievsky. At home runs distinguished druhokursnytsi department fencing LUFK Martha Lozinska and Alexander Senyuta. Martha ranked second, and Alexander - Third in the fencing rapier and won the regular points in the nationwide ranking stronger fencer

Results of speech fencer LUFK stage of the youth World Cup in Leszno

In m.Leshno (Poland) 27-30 November 2009. was the next stage of the Youth World Cup season 2009/2010r.r. Among the students performance results rapirystiv department fencing LUFK following:
- Senyuta Alexander (Second room) - 28m.
- Lozinska Martha (Second room) - 84m.
- Denis Ilyin (And K.) - 70m.
In the event attended by athletes from 14 countries worldwide.

Results LUFK students participate in the tournament stronger fencer Ukraine (juniors)

In g.Luganske from 22 to 26 November 2009. And the tournament was stronger rapirystiv Ukraine Junior age group.
Results of the speech department trainees fencing LUFK following:
- Senyuta Alexander (Second course) - the third place among girls
- Lozinska Martha (IIk.) - 8 place
- Pedosenko Martha (7kl.) - 27 seats
- Denis Ilyin (Ik.) - 19 among boys
Senyuta Alexander and Lozinska Martha entered duty rating points for hitting team in the junior team of Ukraine.

Anfisa Pochkalova won the World Cup

During the Congress FIE (International Fencing Federation) in m.Palermo (Italy) held a ceremony awarding the best swordsman of the World Cup season after the 2008-2009r.r. Among the 18 winners of the world is a fencing and a graduate of 2009. Office Fencing Lviv School of Physical Education Anfisa Pochkalova.
Anfisa awarded as the best young athlete in the world of fencing swords. For season 2008-2009. She twice won the Youth World Cup stages (m.m.Kyyiv, Modlinh (Austria)) and was third twice: on stage in Tauberbishofhaymi Cup (Germany) and the World Championship for juniors in m.Belfasti (Ireland).

Complete results inmates LUFK at the European Fencing Championship

Complete results of the performance of pupils LUFK European Championship Junior Fencing, which has 1 to November 6 2009. took place in the Danish Odnese are:
- Pochkalova A. (vyp. 2009). - IIIm.os., 11m.kom.
- Pantyelyeyeva K. (11kl.) - 13m.os., 11m.kom.
- Senyuta O. (IIk.) - 16m.os., 4m.kom.
- D. Ilyin (Ik.) - 73m.os.

Fencing team got 11 place in Europe

Women's Team of Ukraine on guard at the European championship among juniors, which ended in of Denmark, took place 11. In 1/8 Final Ukraine suddenly lost rumunkam 39:45.
In the Ukraine national team played 2 pupils Lviv School of Physical Education: Anfisa Pochkalova  and Xenia Pantyelyeyeva.

Alexander Senyuta by step from the European pedestal

European Championship 2009 Fencing Junior, which has 1 to November 6 was in m.Odense (Denmark) II year student LUFK Alexandra Senyuta stopped by step from the pedestal.

Anfisa Pochkalova third again

In Odense (Denmark) last European Championship-2009 Fencing Junior. This year's graduate department of the Lviv Fencing School of Physical Education Anfisa Pochkalova won the championship bronze medals in competitions shpazhystok. In the ½ finals in a tense duel over Anfisa lost rossiyanke Eugenia Seregina 10:11. A champion of Europe became Italian Rozzelli F'yaminho that easy rozibralasya with Seregin 15:9.
Recall that a month ago at the World Fencing Championships, held in Turkey Antalya Anfisa also became the bronze medalist.
11 class pupil Xenia Pantyelyeyeva in 1/8 finals lost Katharine Cock from Finland and eventually won 13 ranking position.


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