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Roman Zakharko rides to Vancouver

In m.Lillehammeri (Norway) on 11-13 December 2009. I wasV stage of World Cup Luge, which was decisive in terms of gaining Olympic licenses to participate in the XXI Olympic Winter Games that 12 to 28 February 2010. will be held in Vancouver, Canada.

II year student LUFK Roman Zakharko Together with his partner, a graduate of the College Taras Senkivym took the stage 18m. Cup of Nations in competitions sledge-piece and won the Olympic license. Olympic license and took another pupil department Luge LUFK Yuriy Hayduk. And on stage the World Cup in Lillehammer, he won 16 races in place as sledge-dviyok. He asystuvav another person from Lviv  Andriy Kis.

All graduates of the College Marina Halaydzhyan and Igor Kozak Nations Cup races in 23 and 28 took place on the sledge with single.

LUGE Results LUFK speech at the youth World Cup in Paramonov

LUGE Results - LUFK speech at the third stage World Cup

December 4-6, 2009. in m.Altenberzi (Germany) took the third stage of World Cup Luge 2009/2010r.r season. in races Cup of NationsAre included in the World Cup, Yuriy Hayduk 15 took place in races sledge-dviyok Roman ZakharkoTaras Senko at 20 positions. This year's graduate LUFK Marina Halaydzhyan in 21 women in competition.
The next stage of World Cup held in m.Lillehammeri (Norway) from 12 to 13 December.

LUGE team LUFK took part in stage of the World Cup in Igls (Austria)

27-29 November 2009. in m.Ihlsi (Austria) took the second stage of World Cup Luge 2009/2010r.r season. The program of events took place race Cup of Nations. In these competitions were students and office Luge LUFK. Student and course Oleg Fitel Together with his partner Wynnyckyj John took place in 22 races sledge-dviyok. Behind them on the 23 place finished another piece Ukrainian Zakharko Roman (Second year) -- Senko Taras (vyp.). In the event this year among women graduate Halaydzhyan Marina at 33 positions, and student and course Polusytok Animals 43 took place.
In World Cup competitions graduate LUFK Yuriy Hayduk took place in 19 competitions and won first dviyok rating points to gain Olympic licenses.

Pupils LUFK started in the selection of Olympic Luge

In Kalhari (Canada) November 21-22, passed and stage the World Cup 2010 with the Luge. Recall that the World Cup competitions are selected to participate in the XXI Olympic Winter Games which start on February 12 in Vancouver, Canada. Among male inmates crew dviyok department Luge LUFK took place the following:
- Roman Zakharko / Taras Senko - 17m. - Time of 1.29,301;
- Yuriy Hayduk / Andriy Kis           - 18m. - Time of 1.29,688.
At the Olympic Games qualifying 20 crews stronger world.

Luge team starts Olympic season

November 20 2009. team of Ukraine Luge will take part in the first stage the World Cup 2010 in m.Kalhari (Canada) and thus begins a new season, the main task of which will receive Olympic licenses to participate in the XXI Olympic Winter irhah in Vancouver.
Olympic license will rozihruvatys for rating points recruited to stage the World Cup. At the Olympics the best qualified 40 men, 30 women and 20 men crew dviyok.
In the national team for the Olympic license poboryutsya and students of the Lviv School of Physical Education: recent graduates Yuriy Hayduk, Taras Senko, Igor Kozak, Marina Halaydzhan and III year students Roman Zakharko.

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