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Юрій Колесник і Роман Плескун – бронзові медалісти юніорського чемпіонату Європи


У чемпіонській дуелі двох вихованців ЛУФК перемогу святкував Баблюк


Володимир Пастернак переміг на Гран Прі Визволення


Серед дорослих Коростильов почувається впевнено

З крупнокаліберним пістолетом Бондарук п’ятий


Тарас Андрушко – майстер спорту міжнародного класу

Moving target shooting - the best LUFK

4-7 December 2009. held in Vinnitsa, Ukraine championship shooting on moving target young 1989r.n. and younger. In men's competition was not an equal branch of inmates shooting Lviv College of Physical Education.

In the exercise, GP-12 and the place and the championship with a score of Ukraine 560 pts. student won the third course Igor Mackiewicz. In second place this year, the graduate department Leo Zapotichnyy - 541 pts. In the third position III year students Oleg Salamakha - 535 pts. Fifth place was taken odynadtsyatyklasnyk UFC Vladislav Onopko. In the exercise, GP-11a Igor Mackiewicz - In the second position, Leo Zapotichnyy - Third, Oleg Salamakha - Fourth, Vladislav Onopko - Fri.

In women's competition eighth-form girl college Hope Denhina twice took place 9.

UFK Shooting team showed good result in Championship of Ukraine

From 3 to 8 December 2009. held in Kiev, Ukraine championship shooting young 1991r.n. and younger. Arrows LUFK distinguished, mainly in the shooting team.
Team hvyntivochnykiv in stock Maxim Loyika (11kl.) Daniel Sahra (Ik.) Valentin Gerasimenko (11kl.) was second in the exercise of MG-5 MG-9, and ranked third in the right GP-4.
Girls Maria Cold (11kl.) Anna Konovaliuk (10kl.) in all three exercises - fourth. Maria Cold won a bronze medal  in a personal shooting in the exercise of MG-9.
Team pistoletchykiv in stock Dmitry hoopoe and Dmitri Popov (both 10kl.) - twice in the second exercise, PP-2 and MP-7. Girls Xenia Yurchenko (9kl.) Christine Burak and Nastia Bondaruk (11kl.) - second in the exercise, MP-5 and the third - in PP-2.

LUFK Shoters in "Olympic hopes" -2009

In m.Nitra (Slovakia) from 11 until 16 November were the traditional international competitions 'Olympic Hope' shooting, which attracted young athletes from 8 countries in Central and Eastern Europe: Bulgaria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Czechia, Hungary and Ukraine.

LUFK Shooters Results on youth championship of Ukraine

In Dnepropetrovsk from 26 to 31 October 2009. Ukraine Championship was shooting among athletes for 20 years.

Roman Bondaruk - in the final World Cup 2009

From 22 to 30 October m.Shanhayi (China) will be the final World Cup 2009 shooting, to be attended by the sportsmen of the World Rank. To participate in competitions and visiting graduate of the Lvov School of Physical Education Roman Bondaruk.

Alexander Galkin - Cup of Ukraine in 2009 shooting

This year's graduate department Shooting LUFK Alexander Galkin won the Open Cup of Ukraine in the Olympic exercises, which ended on October 14 Lviv shooting. Alexander won the right GP-6. His sister Tatyana Galkina (Issue 2006). was the best in exercise, GP-4 Women.

LUFK shooters - winners of the Youth Cup in Ukraine

In Simferopol on 20 until 24 September 2009. Cup of Ukraine was shooting with air weapons juniors honored the memory of the trainers of Ukraine V. and N. Clement. Among the winners of the competition is, and inmates department Shooting LUFK. In particular, the right GP-6 won the graduates this year Alexander Galkin. All prizes played between the arrows on the moving target. In the exercise, GP-12 Lev Zapotichnyy (All graduates) first, Igor Mackiewicz (Third year) - second, Oleg Salamakha (Third year) - third. In contrast, GP-11: Igor Mackiewicz first, Leo Zapotichnyy - Second. In the exercise, PP-3 in the first start was not equal students and course Cyril Soiko the second start Cyril sixth.
Well the competition was and still quite young, dev'yatyklasnytsya UFC Xenia Yurchenko. She won 4 seats in the exercise, PE-2.

Storm Records of the shooting LUFK

Just three records Ukraine established inmates department Shooting LUFK Cup Ukraine in shooting with air weapons, which is September 10th 2009. ended in Lviv.

Cyril Jay College freshman in the exercise, MP-8 was vice-champion and junior record set in Ukraine - 768.3 points.

Our triple Mackiewicz Games Salamakha Oleg (third year), Zapotichnyy Lev (graduates this year) had no equal in the team firing on moving targets (right GP-12). The boys won the title and the Champions of Ukraine, and record for juniors with a score of 1715 points. Recall that in August this same threesome won four bronze medals at world championships for juniors, held in Finland. In the individual championship Igor Mackiewicz - third, and therefore within the adult team in Ukraine.

The third record of Ukraine, this time an absolute, set a women's team in Lviv exercise, GP-4 - 1190 points within Galkina Tanya Chulyk Leskiv L. and Julia. Tatyana Galkina and Chulyk Julia started her rise to records in the Lviv College of Physical Education. In the individual championship Chulyk Julia third.

Another pupil UFC, college graduates this year, Alexander Galkin was the absolute champion of Ukraine in the right GP-6.


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