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Ватерполісти ЛУФК візьмуть участь у кваліфікації юніорського чемпіонату Європи


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Олександр Цвіркун: «Водне поло – це дуже «бойовий» вид спорту»


На молодіжних іграх ватерполісти другі

LUFK Water Polo Team - fourth in the open championship of Ukraine

In Dneprodzerzhinsk the period between November 27 and December 2, 2009. was the third final round of the Open Championship of Ukraine among boys 1993r.n. and junior. Team LUFK this round winning team Kharkov VUFK number 1 10:7, 11:9 Sevastopol, played to a draw with the teams of Odessa Mariupol 5:5 and 4:4, gave way to the winners - a team with m.Kyshyneva (Moldova) and ultimately, gaining 14 points, won 4 seats. In the first place team Kyshynev - 25p., II. - Odessa - 24p., III. - Mariupol - 14p.

Team LUFK - winner of international tournament "Golden Autumn-2009" Water Polo

In Kharkiv, and endingV International tournament "Golden Autumn-2009" Water polo in which athletes competed 1995r.n. and mol. In this year event was attended by 6 teams from Ukraine and Russia, and representatives of the best schools vaterpolnyh both countries. Won the tournament for young Lions'Jana. They in turn stronger than the best teams from Moscow: "Rainbow" 15:4, "Pioneer" (Ramyenskoye) 15:5, 16:3 CSK Navy, "Pearl" 10:4 and lost only hosts competitions - team Kharkov UFC 11:14.

Now waiting for the winners of the championship final of Ukraine among the younger boys, 1.6 in November which will be held in Lviv Aqua Park. Today, Lions'Jana is leading the championship.

Memorial "ZTU Alexander Lahturova "

Students Department of Water Polo in 1994 came the birth of Kharkov, which won competitions "Memorial Honored coach of Ukraine Alexander Lahturova. Was the silver medalist team of Kharkov UFC, bronze - team m.Voronezha (Russia), 4th place team won m.Bresta (Belarus).

Ukrainian water polo teat - sixteen in Europe

In m.Hanya (Greece) ended the European championship water polo juniors. Ukraine national team won the tournament 16 place. In the team were 2 students of the Lviv UFC; III year students Kozynskyy Nazar and Terlychko Games.

Ukraine water polo team - tenth in Division "B"

Ukraine national water polo took place in 10 European championship in Division "B", which ended in Lugano, Switzerland. In the team performed four inmates branch water polo UFK: Alexander Diadiura, Yuri Behen, Dmitry Lavryshynets and Rostislav Naumchyk.

LUFK waterpolo team goes to European Championship

Coaches of the national team of Ukraine on Water Polo determined the composition of the European championship in 2009. Ukrainians serving in Division "B", which starts on September 5 in Lugano, Switzerland. In the national team four inmates branch water polo LUFK. It Diadiura Alexander, Yuri Behen, Dmitry Lavryshynets and Rostislav Naumchyk.

A September 20 2009. in the city of Chania (Greece) begins the final tournament of the European Championships for juniors, where for the first time in many years and qualified team of Ukraine. The composition of team invited tretokursnyky College Nazar Kozynskyy and Igor Terlychko.

Євген Наумчик: «Досвід, який наші хлопці отримали в Новаках – неоціненний»



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