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Andrew Malik - "school" President

On October 19 LUFK was sworn in as President-school student parliament. Elected him student 10-class office football Andrew Malik. He will assist the 2 Vice-Presidents: Andrew Markovich (9-in class, the office football) and Andrew Blazheyko (10-class office counter). The composition of the presidium of the parliament members were also heads of separate commissions Barabash Julia (11-A rating, the department Shooting) Smolinh Leo (11-in class, office handball) Strashkevych Wadym(10-B class office football) Kusyak Ivan (And rate control department) and Yarushevskyy Games (9-A class office counter).

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Xenia Pantyelyeyeva - seventh in Slovakia

In Bratislava (Slovakia) 10-11 October 2009. passed the stage of World Cup with the junior fencing - "Memorial Martinenho. In the event shpazhystok odynadtsyatyklasnytsya LUFK Xenia Pantyelyeyeva won 7 seats and gained 14 rating points. In the Quarter Finals Xenia Italians lost Rosella F'yaminho 13:15. Freshman UFC Nastia Ivchenko left out in 1 / 32 finals and won 57 seats.

In the event rapirystok Alexandra Senyuta (Second year) to 24 positions. This is the best result among the Ukrainian athletes. Denis Ilyin (And rate) took place in the 71 fencing rapier juniors.

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Alexander Galkin - Cup of Ukraine in 2009 shooting

This year's graduate department Shooting LUFK Alexander Galkin won the Open Cup of Ukraine in the Olympic exercises, which ended on October 14 Lviv shooting. Alexander won the right GP-6. His sister Tatyana Galkina (Issue 2006). was the best in exercise, GP-4 Women.

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Morozyuk marked in Slovenia

Pupil office football LUFK Nicholas Morozyuk scored first goal of the Gates team Slovenia in the qualifying matches of the youth team of Ukraine to the European Championships in 2011. Ukrainians won 2:0. In "molodezhki" acted as Oleg Holodyuk, Issue 2006 year.

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Irina Merleni postponed surgery on his knee

Pupil office counter LUFK, Olympic champion Irina Mykulchyn-Merleni postponed the operation to restore anterior knee crossed connections. The operation took place in Lviv, it made Polish specialists and meduniversiteta professor, doctor-Traumatic Yuri Serafyn. The same operation was done a year ago, athlete dem Dime'yanyuk a fully recovered and went on the level of international results.

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Glory to Ukraine! Glory to Heroes!

In the Lviv school of physical culture was the total school thematic line devoted 67 anniversary of the Ukrainian Insurgent Army. Before the students made history teacher A. Kondratyuk and guest of the College -- leader of Lviv regional organization of Ukrainian nationalists Гринюк Oleg Romanovich.

A school director Stephen Rodak said that today the UPA soldiers motto "Glory to Ukraine - the Hero of glory is the main football stadium in the Shoutbox as Lviv and Dnipropetrovsk, and Kharkiv.

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Dmitry Demyanyuk recovered after surgery

In Yalta on 22-23 September 2009. have competition in athletics at the Ukraine Cup teams SHVSM. In the high jump result of international class -- 231 cm showed pupil athletics department LUFK Dmitry Demyanyuk. At the end of last year Dmitry endured a difficult surgery to restore anterior knee crossed connections and here again recently jumped above 230 cm.

Third place in this type of program took another pupil department and coach Valerie Lebedyuka Viktor Shapoval. The results -- 220 cm.

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Yuri Loktionov - silver medalist in Ukraine

In Ivano-Frankivsk in the framework of international competition on the walking trails on the theme "evening Ivano-Frankivsk has passed and, Ukraine championship among youth in walking on 50 km. Silver Championship became a student of III year LUFK Yuri LoktionovThe first time in my life started on this very "male" distance.

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Memorial "ZTU Alexander Lahturova "

Students Department of Water Polo in 1994 came the birth of Kharkov, which won competitions "Memorial Honored coach of Ukraine Alexander Lahturova. Was the silver medalist team of Kharkov UFC, bronze - team m.Voronezha (Russia), 4th place team won m.Bresta (Belarus).

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Duatlon - Championship of Ukraine

In g.Luganske from 1 until 6 October was the championship of Ukraine duatlonu among boys. Participation was 12 teams from the following cities: Lviv, Kyiv, Zhitomir, Kiev, Cherkassy, Poltava, Lugansk, Komsomolsk, Dnipropetrovsk, Kharkiv, Zaporizhzhya, Pereyaslav.
Best performance results of students of the College:
Dmitry Oleynik (9 rating)  - 2m. personal
                                                 - 3m. relay
Chicken Vitali (11 rating)    - 3m. relay
Kucher Svetlana (11 rating) - 4m. Relay
Dorosh Alina (11 rating)      - 4m. relay

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Rugby-7 and golf - Olympic Sports

At its congress in m.Kopenhaheni International Olympic Committee decided to include golf and rugby-7 program in the Games of XXXI Olympiad to be held 2016r. in Rio de Janeiro. These species will replace baseball and softball, which withdrew from the Olympic program before.

Recall that golf has been in the Olympic program in 1900 and 1904r.r. And rugby from 1900 to 1924.

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Re-elected president Jacques Rogge, IOC

October 9 2009. at 121and session of the International Olympic Committee in Copenhagen, the acting president of the IOC Jacques Rogge was reelected to a new four-term. One of its priorities the development of the newly elected President considers Youth Olympic Games, which are attracting more young people into sport and bring it to the Olympic principles and ideals, and fight against doping, contracting, etc. games. "Clean sport, fair play, respect for each other - that's our main priorities", - said Jacques Rogge.

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Yuri Pavlenko visited LUFK

October 9 2009. Minister of Ukraine for seven'th, Youth and Sports Yuriy Pavlenko, visited the Lviv College of Physical Education. Yuri Pavlenko familiar with the sport base of educational institutions, in particular with the start to put into sledding, soccer field covered "artificial grass, inspected the construction of sports center fights, which is in the school. Minister was interested in the further development of sports activities including specialized schools sports profile to which the answers given school director Stephen Rodak.

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World Cup 2009 in fencing - LUFK Results

In m.Antaliya (Turkey), ending World Cup 2009 in fencing.

Complete results of the performance of pupils fencing Lviv UFC following:

Anfisa Pochkalova (Issue 2009).
- Third place in person;
- 12 place in the team championship.
Yana Sham'yakina (Issue 2006).
- 15 place in person;
- 12 place in the team championship.

Claude Yunes (Issue 2009).
- 57 place in person;
- 14 place in the team championship.

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Pupils LUFK intended scholarship Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine

In line with the Prime Minister of Ukraine Yulia Tymoshenko on 23 September 2009. inmates of the Lviv School of Physical Education Roman Bondaruk (Shooting) Markian Ivashko (archery) Mariana Kwiatkowski (female wrestling) scholarship is the Cabinet of Ukraine outstanding athletes, coaches and leaders of physical culture and sports.

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