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Irina Bubnyak - champion of Ukraine among girls

Held in Yalta, Ukraine championship athletic teams and DYUSSH SDUSHOR (boys 1992r.n. And mol.). In the final race among girls in the 1500m distance was equal odynadtsyatyklasnytsi LUFK Irina Bubnyak. Her time - 4.35,22.

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LUFK shooters - winners of the Youth Cup in Ukraine

In Simferopol on 20 until 24 September 2009. Cup of Ukraine was shooting with air weapons juniors honored the memory of the trainers of Ukraine V. and N. Clement. Among the winners of the competition is, and inmates department Shooting LUFK. In particular, the right GP-6 won the graduates this year Alexander Galkin. All prizes played between the arrows on the moving target. In the exercise, GP-12 Lev Zapotichnyy (All graduates) first, Igor Mackiewicz (Third year) - second, Oleg Salamakha (Third year) - third. In contrast, GP-11: Igor Mackiewicz first, Leo Zapotichnyy - Second. In the exercise, PP-3 in the first start was not equal students and course Cyril Soiko the second start Cyril sixth.
Well the competition was and still quite young, dev'yatyklasnytsya UFC Xenia Yurchenko. She won 4 seats in the exercise, PE-2.

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Pupils LUFK on Wrestling World Cup 2009

 2 more branches pupils struggle LUFK finished performances at the World Cup-2009. In the weight category to 55kh Natalia Synyshyn (Issue 2005.) won the 11 place. Clearly, this failure to the Talented and is titled athletes.
10 place in weight class to graduate this year 63kh ranked and champion of Europe among young people Julia Ostapchuk. For Julia it debut at the world championships in adults.
Another pupil department wrestling Andrew Shyika 11 took place in the men's competition in the weight category to 74 kg. Andrew represented Germany.
So, generally students LUFK on the world championship in 2009 won 1 gold and 3 bronze medals. Keep it up, the office counter.

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Pupil LUFK Maria Stadnyk - women's wrestling World Champion

At the World Championships 2009 in Wrestling, which takes place in Herning (Denmark) joined the fight against women. In the lightest weight category to 48kh. equal branch of inmates was not wrestling Lviv College of Physical Culture (2008 issue.) Maria Stadnyk. In the final battle stronger than Mary russian Larisa Orzhak. Sadly, the world championship in Moscow performed by Stadnyk of Azerbaijan.

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pupil LUFK Balushka L. and L. Kohut - Bronze Championship Wrestling

At the World Championships in women's wrestling, which is in of Denmark, pupils fighting department of the Lviv School of Physical Education and Ludmila Balushka Leo Kohut took third place in weight class to 48 and 51 kg respectively. On the way to the pedestal Ludmila Balushka in 1 / 4 finals lost future champion and his "zemlyachtsi Maria Stadnik, which today supports Azerbaijan and joy in the finals for the bronze medal stronger than another Stadnyk - Jana from Khmelnytsk, who represented Great for championship UK.

Lesia Kohut in 1 / 8 finals suddenly lost future finalisttsi koreyantsi oatmeal Ok Han, and in turn stronger than comforting clashes polka Roxanne Zasinu Moldavanka and Natalia and I also climbed to third position starting pedestal.

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Interview with Irina Merleni.

Irina Merleni: "More flee baby and prepare for the Games in London"
Olympic champion in Athens and bronze medalist in the Beijing Games Irina Merleni-Mykulchyn has not surprised the fans a victory in the Boretsky carpet. After the last Olympics she decided to rest from the sport.
Details see in the sports page at menu.

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Vasyl Fedoryshyn - bronze medalist in the world - 2009

Pupil office wrestling LUFK Vasyl Fedoryshyn took third place in the weight category up to 60kg at the World Cup - 2009 of wrestling that day in September held in the town of Herning, that of Denmark. During the World Championship Vasily yielded only future champion - Russian Besiku Kuduhovu 1:3.

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Pupils LUFK compete for World Championship Wrestling

Coach council youth team of Ukraine has announced the names of female combat athletes who will represent our country at the World Cup 2009, which will be held September 21-28 in Dan.
Coach The National team of Ukraine in women's struggle has announced the names of the sportsmen who will represent our country at the World Cup 2009, which will be held September 21-28 in the national team of Denmark in just four pupils department wrestling Lviv School of Physical Education: Ludmila Balushka (48kh) Alexandra Kohut (51 kg), Natalka Synyshyn (55kh) and Julia Ostapchuk (63kh).
In the men's team also has a representative - a silver medalist Igor XXIX Olympiad, three times European Champion Vasyl Fedoryshyn.
Step in the national team just four pupils department wrestling Lviv School of Physical Education: Ludmila Balushka (48kh) Alexandra Kohut (51 kg), Natalka Synyshyn (55kh) and Julia Ostapchuk (a / k to 63kh).
In the men's team also has a representative - a silver medalist Igor XXIX Olympiad, three times European Champion Vasyl Fedoryshyn.

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UFK fencing team the best

Following rapier Cup Ukraine - 2009 Fencing in Kharkiv and found the best. And Lviv among the best. In the competition among women was not equal pupils LUFK (Issue 2007). Yana Shemyakina. Third place was taken by a young "star" Ukrainian fencing, 11 class pupil UFK Xenia Pantyelyeyeva. This year's graduate department Fencing Anfisa Pochkalova in fifth position.
In the team competition second team Lviv unexpectedly second rankings in the Ukrainian championship. The group has two very young pupils LUFK Xenia Pantyelyeyeva and Nastia IvchenkoThat studying and courses. A first team, headed by experienced Jona Shemyakina and Anfisa Pochkalova won bronze medals.
So, in shpazi World Cup - in 2009, which starts October 1 Antalya (Turkey), Ukraine reprezentyvatymut just two pupils LUFK: Jona Shamyakina and Anfisa Pochkalova. A Xenia PantyelyeyevaWhich progresses rush, be prepared for the European Junior Championships. Keep it up!

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Wrestlers LUFK in Rzeszów second

In Zheshowi (Poland) hosted the XIII International Youth tournament in wrestling on prizes of Solidarity on 65-year anniversary of the sports club Stal. In celebration of the tournament and were invited fighters LUFK, which combine with the club long partnership.
In the team championship Lions'Jana gave the palm hosts and took second place. In individual competitions, all the guys have returned with medals. First place in their weight categories took odynadtsyatyklasnyky Artem Paprotsky (50kg) Vitaliy Rudenko (58kh) Nazar Krynyts'kyj (69kh). In the second step of the podium went Ostap Geletey (50kg) Vladislav Keleman (51kh) and Igor Paranchuk (63kh). Third place won the youngest in the team, nine'yatyklasnyk Igor Yarushevskyy.

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Lviv best in foil

In Kharkiv, Ukraine championship continues - 2009 Fencing. In the team competition rapire were better citizens. In the team performed and LUFK students, graduates this year Yunes Claude and Alexei Streltsov. In Lviv Women competitions at the third position. Bronze medal championship vezut home druhokursnytsi College Alexandra Senyuta and Martha Lozinska.

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Yashchuk scores in Belgium

Another pupil Branch football LUFK Oleg Yashchuk well beget in Belgium in the club "Cercle Bryutta. In the sixth round of the Belgian championship club Yashchuk permih "Charleroi" 4:0, Oleg marked slain goal.

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Disciple LUFK Claude Yunes - champion of Ukraine fencing foil

This year's graduate department fencing LUFK Claude Yunes won the gold medal in the championship of Ukraine - 2009 Fencing in foil, which ended in Kharkiv. In the final fight Claude won his vis Kiev Vladimir Koltyho 15:7 and thus became the leader of the national team of Ukraine, October 1 goes in Antalya on the Turkish championship.

In the event of women 2 class pupil UFK Alexandra Senyuta sixth, so by step from the team.

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The first historic match Dmytro Chygrynskyy in Spain

Saturday September 12 2009. Dmitry Chygrynskyy debuted as a part of the Spanish "Barcelona" in away matches against Getafe. Dmitry went on a starter and played all the stock game. Barcelona won 2:0, Catalans coach Josep Guardiola was pleased with the game Chygrynskiy.

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Ukraine water polo team - tenth in Division "B"

Ukraine national water polo took place in 10 European championship in Division "B", which ended in Lugano, Switzerland. In the team performed four inmates branch water polo UFK: Alexander Diadiura, Yuri Behen, Dmitry Lavryshynets and Rostislav Naumchyk.

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