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Серед резерву збірної найкраща Соколенко


Георгій Іваницький – бронзовий призер І Європейських Ігор


Попович на чемпіонаті світу зі стрільби з лука п’ятий


Огден: жінки у фіналі, чоловіків чекає поєдинок за ІІІ місце

Іваницький, Кардаш і Большаков їдуть на чемпіонат Європи

Маркіян Івашко в Україні найсильніший

Георгій Іваницький – чемпіон Європи у міксті

Маркіян Івашко – абсолютний чемпіон України

George IVANITSKYY - won the Cup of Ukraine

Olena Stadnyk - Champion of Ukraine

In Chernivtsi from 25 to 30 September 2009. Ukraine held the championship in archery among the youth. In the cadet age group dev'yatyklasnytsya LUFK Olena Stadnyk won first place in the team round and became champion of Ukraine among girls. In the individual championship Lena 5 spot.

Pupils LUFK go to World Cup Archery

From 1 to 9 September m.Uslani (Korea) held the World Championship-2009 in archery. In the Ukrainian national team will play three inmates department Archery LUFK: last year's graduate Elena granin, Markian Ivashko and Dmitry Grachev - is half the team.

There is a youthful first license for the Olympics

During the World Youth Championship 2009 in archery, which took an American city Ogden, hosted the Olympic qualifying tournament, where play voucher for the first Youth Olympic Games to be held in 2010. in Singapore. Student and course LUFK George IVANITSKAYA took 19 th place and won a license for national team of Ukraine. At the Games in Singapore Ukrainian team will be presented in full: 1 boy 1 girl 1992 1993r.r.n. The program of individual and team competitions Mixed.

In the youth world championships George IVANITSKYY - twice fourth

In the period from 12 until 19 July 2009. American held in Ogden championship archery among the youth. Student and course LUFK George IVANITSKYY took fourth place twice: first in the team championship, and then personal. In the individual championship in the semifinal of the Koreans relented George Vukyanh Sunhu 105:109, and shooting for third place - the Chinese Y Ksinhu. In the semifinal championship Ukrainian team lost the British 2046216, and shooting for "bronze" - Poles - 202:202 (gun 26:30)

Unprecedented success for pupils LUFK XXV World Summer Universiade

July 12 2009. in the capital of Serbia m.Belhradi finished XXV World Summer Universiade. 4 students of the Lviv School of Physical Education vezut away 2 gold, 2 silver, 1 bronze medals. Recall that the Universiade champions were fehtuvalnytsi Yana Shemyakina and Anfisa Pochkalova, silver winner - Olena Kushniruk (archery), silver and bronze winner - Dmitry Grachev (archery).

pupil LUFK Olena Kushniruk - Silver XXV World Universiade

Graduate 2008. archery department of the Lviv School of Physical Education Olena K won the silver medal XXV World Summer Universiade in m.Belhradi. Elena Kushniruk distinguished in the team competition at the Olympic shooting with a bow.

Another pupil LUFK Dmytro Grachev won bronze medals in the men's competition and with Harkovchanka Victoria Koval took second place in the team mix.


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