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Гандбольна "Галичанка" здобула третю перемогу у новому чемпіонаті

Smolinh Lesya - the best mathematician in LUFK

In secondary school, boarding school was a week of mathematics. His program included contests, brain-rings, math competitions, games, etc.. Among high school students the best mathematician LUFK recognized Smolinh Lesya (11-B cells.). In the main school, good mathematical abilities proved Pulin Natalia (9-B cells.). Both girls - talented handball.

Team LUFK - champion of Ukraine in beach handball.

In Kherson from 21 to 23 August 2009. the championship of Ukraine beach handball girls 1992/1993r.r.n. Team LUFK confidently held all games, won 5 victories and became the champion of Ukraine. The best player of the tournament is recognized odynadtsyatyklasnytsya College Irina Stelmach. Candidates to team of Ukraine on beach handball in this age group included Irina Stelmach, Maria White, Volovnyk Natal Dyachun Uliana, Sherstyuk Oles.
Team champion: I. Stelmach, M. Tymtsyurak, N. Volovnyk, M. White, B. Kosmina, U. Dyachun, S. Yaremchuk, A. Sherstyuk.
Summary of beach handball: Beach handball with'appeared about 10 years ago in Italy. Platform and the number of players in it less than in normal handball, which promotes dynamic game. Rules apply to cast the gate ball for two and even three points. All this makes the beach handball very spectacular. A significant effect of this game has in terms of advocacy and promotion of a healthy and active lifestyle. Today, beach handball cultivated in more than 40 countries. In 2008. , the first European championship in this sport. The first European champion for women was the team of Ukraine.

Team girls LUFK - Silver V Summer sports games Ukraine Handball

LUFK girls team took place on 2 V Summer youth sports of Ukraine for handball. In the crucial match Lions’Jana gave teams Kherson region with a score 23:25. As a team played Salome Yaremchuk, Olesya Sherstyuk, Leo Smolinh Maria Tymtsyurak, Irina Stelmach, Galina Matvijchuk authorities, Kosmina, Ramin Novikova, and Maria White, Elizabeth Hilyazetdinova, Natalia Volovnyk, Tamara Smbatian, Anastasia Kolesnik, Tatyana Davydchak.

UFK handball among the best!

Brovary was fourth in the final round of nationwide youth competition in handball girls 1992-1993 rr.n. UFC team won all five games and won 2 nd place.

The best goalkeeper of the tournament is recognized 9 class pupil Elizabeth Hilyazetdinova, best extreme right - 9 class pupil Natalia Volovnyk.

Technical Team UFC games results:
LDUFK: Donetsk - 36:23;

LDUFK: Zaporozhye - 31:27;

LDUFK: Kiev - 33:31;

LDUFK: Brovary - 28:27;

LDUFK: Kherson - 29:23.


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