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Христос Воскрес! Воістину Воскрес!


Степан Родак: в Баку ми без медалей не залишимось




Дичко поступилась хорватці


Зіньків і Свищ захистили дисертації

«Карпати» подали заявку на Лігу Європи

На юнацьку олімпіаду їде 54 українці

Помер Стах Габа



The National Olympic Committee of Ukraine celebrate 19 years birthday

December 22 1990. Assembly was created by the founders of the National Olympic Committee of Ukraine. Among the founders and a director LUFK Stephen Rodak.

The best Athletes and Teams of Lviv Region 2009

Alumni and students of the Lviv State College Physical dominate among the best athletes of Lviv in 2009.

LUFK got the Sports Palace

Decision of session of the Lviv Regional Council of 8 December 2009. Number 1091 to the Lvov School of Physical Education passed a sports complex on the street. Stus, 2 (the former palace of sport "labor reserves".)

Director of School Stephen Rodak - Honored Worker of Physical Culture and Sports of Ukraine

Decree of President of Ukraine of December 3, 2009. Director of College Relative Stepan Mikhailovich awarded the honorary title "Honored Worker of Physical Culture and Sports of Ukraine.

First Youth Olympic Games have mascots

With 266 days to start and Youth Olympics in Singapore the world were represented by official mascots of the competition - Lio and Merlot.

November 17 - Student Day

Administration UFC welcomes all students from their holiday. Wish victories as in sports and in school.


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