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Rowing : Vitaly Vergeles finished by step from the pedestal of the world

In Canada Dartmouth between 12 to August 16 was World Cup 2009 in rowing and canoeing. 0.9 sec. not vystarchylo graduate LUFK 2007. Vitaliy Vergeles to climb on the podium. In the final race Canoe chetvirok at 1000m. Ukrainian crew consisting Kamerilova Denis, Peter Crook, Ruslana and Vitali Vergeles Dzhalilova won 4 seats, and in the final of 200m. -- 7 m. In the event of canoe-pair Vitaly with his stable mate Dennis Kamerilovym won 7 and 8 places on the 200m and 500m respectively. For the Vitaliy dev'yatnadtsyatyrichnoho Vergeles this season - their debut in the adult rowing, because the results speak at the World Cup should be considered successful.

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