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Department is working with the founding sportinternata. The main purpose was to prepare candidates for the national team of Ukraine to participate in the All-Union exhibition of students. The first set of students was conducted among athletes candidate to team of Ukraine all DYUSSH republic. They invited the best coaches: B. Sikorski, M. Golubov, A. Solovyov.
Educational and training sessions were conducted with pupils in small dash ST Dynamo, and since 1976. - For small base of SCA, one of the best in Europe. Office Shooting has always been and remains at the forefront of the sports establishment. Head of Department for a long time was W. Sikorski, awarded in 1972 the title of Honored trainer of Ukraine, and in 1989 he was awarded the high rank of "Honored Worker of Physical Culture of Ukraine. Teacher-coach M. Golubov awarded the title of Honored coach of Ukraine.
At the department prepared champion M. Ivanchuk, sixfold European champion Oleg Lysenko (1977-79rr.) Double European champion V. Matsyukevycha (1978-79rr.), Three times European champion M. Repicheva (1981-89rr.) Champions and European prize V. Ivanenko, V. Ivanchuk. Prize of the European championships for juniors were F. Kim, H. Andriychyn.
Today, the department successfully working teachers:
G. Bereznyuk, V. Korostylova, Head of R. Konevych. Their pupils are many winners and championships and championships of Ukraine, and sports students of Ukraine, and III sports games in Ukraine. Among them - Korostylova Yu, J. King, A. Chmarin, O. Dolhaya, A. Krushelnyckoi J. Klisch, J. Zayarna, S. Zhurba, K. Zolenko, T. Borisjuk and others. Pupils branch A. Dronov, O. Dolhaya, K. Zolenko, Y. Korostylova has adequately represented Ukraine at the European level, establish a record of Ukraine and Europe.
Best Athletes department:
M. Ignatjuk - ZMS, a member of the Olympic Games in Barcelona, 6m. In Atlanta - 9m., World and European champion, repeated champion of Ukraine;
V. Ivanchuk - ZMS, champion of Ukraine, World Champion - 94;
S. Korostylov - WCMS, UEFA Cup winner, world champion among the soldiers;
V. Ivanenko - WCMS, twice champion of Europe in personal and team rating, the European record holder, world champion among the soldiers;
M. Repichev - WCMS, champion of the USSR and Europe;
A. Lysenko - WCMS, champion and record holder of the USSR and Europe;
M. Matsyukevych - MC, champion of Europe among young people;
A. Dronov - WCMS, three times winner of the Euro among young people;
A. Dolhaya - MC, winner and winner of UEFA youth tournament winner of Ukraine;
R. Bondaruk - WCMS, champion of Ukraine, 5th place in the UEFA youth.
Top athletes branch in 2007.:
-       Tsar'kov Oleg -- three silver and two bronze medalist in Ukraine among youth and adults (MG-9, GP-4, GP-6)
-       Galkin Alexander -- winner (DPP-4 os.) and silver medalist (MG-9 kom.) Championship of Ukraine among youth
-       Kiselov Alexander - A silver medalist in Ukraine among young people (MG-9 kom.)
-       Alena Fedorova - 6th European Championship winner with small arms, has been medalist in Ukraine among boys and young (DPP-4, MG-5)
-       Pinkovsky Tatiana - Multiple Championship of Ukraine among youth and adults (MG-5 MG-9, GP-4)
-       Zapotichnyy Leo - Multiple Championship of Ukraine among adults (VP-11, GP-12)
-       Mackiewicz Games - Multiple Championship of Ukraine among youth and adults (VP-11, GP-11, GP-12)
-       Salamakha Oleg - And repeated winner of the Championship of Ukraine among the young (CP-11, GP-12)

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