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Team LUFK - champion of Ukraine in beach handball.

In Kherson from 21 to 23 August 2009. the championship of Ukraine beach handball girls 1992/1993r.r.n. Team LUFK confidently held all games, won 5 victories and became the champion of Ukraine. The best player of the tournament is recognized odynadtsyatyklasnytsya College Irina Stelmach. Candidates to team of Ukraine on beach handball in this age group included Irina Stelmach, Maria White, Volovnyk Natal Dyachun Uliana, Sherstyuk Oles.
Team champion: I. Stelmach, M. Tymtsyurak, N. Volovnyk, M. White, B. Kosmina, U. Dyachun, S. Yaremchuk, A. Sherstyuk.
Summary of beach handball: Beach handball with'appeared about 10 years ago in Italy. Platform and the number of players in it less than in normal handball, which promotes dynamic game. Rules apply to cast the gate ball for two and even three points. All this makes the beach handball very spectacular. A significant effect of this game has in terms of advocacy and promotion of a healthy and active lifestyle. Today, beach handball cultivated in more than 40 countries. In 2008. , the first European championship in this sport. The first European champion for women was the team of Ukraine.

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Dmitry Chygrynskyy in Barcelona.

Pupil office football LUFK Dmitry Chygrynskyy signed a five-year contract with the strongest club of the world - Spanish "Barcelona". The amount of transfer of 25mln. euro. This is the most expensive transfer in the history of Ukrainian football.

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The Olympic week

In LUFK be led Ukrainian Olympic week. More on this in the "Sport"

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The students and parents!

Non-core types: The students and parents! Holiday First Call will be held September 1 2009. about 12 hours. on a school site. Dress - Holiday: embroidery!

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World Championships ended - 2009 Athletics

August 23 in Berlin, ending World Championships in Athletics. First Ukrainian athletes returned home without a medal. Best achievement - four fourth place. Two inmates LUFK Viktor Shapoval (high jump) and Christine Stuy (est. 4h100) stopped their performances in the qualifying start.

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Pupils LUFK invited to the Youth Team of Ukraine (U-18)

Just two graduates this year football department LUFK invited to the Youth Team of Ukraine (U -18), which is 25 by 29 August 2009. take part in an international tournament in the Czech city Nimburh. It advocates Nicholas Zhovtyuk and Viktor Chumak. Candidate to the team in this age group is the goalkeeper and Roman Dankovych.

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Pupil LUFK Tatiana Zagorodnya - World Cup Rhythmic Gymnastics

The program segment of the World Cup Kiev 2009 rhythmic gymnastics, which has 14 do16 August held in our capital, and competed yuniorky. Quite an unexpected victory in the competition of young hopes of the world gymnastics won desyatiklassnitsa Lviv College of Physical Culture Tatiana Zagorodnya. His success owes athlete mentor Catherine Smorodsky.

A major program in the competition pupils LUFK Faith Perederiy and Julia Slobodyan took second place in the group exercises (3 bands, 2 skipping rope).

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Freshman Nazar downpour took part in the World Championship of cycling

In Moscow from 11 until 15 August 2009. hosted the World Cycling Championships for juniors. In the national team of Ukraine fought and freshman college gymnastics Nazar shower. Nazar won 15 seats in a complex form of the program - the so-called skretchi (race group). It was the first visit Nazar international competitions abroad, so its performance personal trainer Andrew Karhut considers satisfactory.

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The Olympic YUOI selection of modern pentathlon

Qualifiers and Youth Olympics 2010. the modern pentathlon for European athletes will be held October 1-5, 2010. in Budapest (Hungary) during the European qualifying tournament. In competitions involving athletes 1992 1993r.r.n. In YUOI qualified athletes, who possess 1.3 place among boys and girls. The remaining 7 athletes of each gender will be selected for World Cup 2010. Candidate to participate in YUOI of college students and a course Zinaida farmhand.

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Pupils LUFK go to World Cup Archery

From 1 to 9 September m.Uslani (Korea) held the World Championship-2009 in archery. In the Ukrainian national team will play three inmates department Archery LUFK: last year's graduate Elena granin, Markian Ivashko and Dmitry Grachev - is half the team.

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Vitaly Vergeles finished by step from the pedestal of the world

In Canada Dartmouth between 12 to August 16 was World Cup 2009 in rowing and canoeing. 0.9 sec. not vystarchylo graduate LUFK 2007. Vitaliy Vergeles to climb on the podium. In the final race Canoe chetvirok at 1000m. Ukrainian crew consisting Kamerilova Denis, Peter Crook, Ruslana and Vitali Vergeles Dzhalilova won 4 seats, and in the final of 200m. -- 7 m. In the event of canoe-pair Vitaly with his stable mate Dennis Kamerilovym won 7 and 8 places on the 200m and 500m respectively. For the Vitaliy dev'yatnadtsyatyrichnoho Vergeles this season - their debut in the adult rowing, because the results speak at the World Cup should be considered successful.

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The track: IAAF changed the rules False

International Athletics Federation (IAAF) adopted new rules in the breakaway racing disciplines. Now athletes dyskvalifikuvatymut after the first false start, innovation comes into force from 2010.

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Women's boxing became an Olympic

IOC Executive Board has included women's boxing in the Olympic program XXX in m.Londoni. Competitions will be held in three weight categories: 51 to 60, and 75 kg.

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Pupils LUFK international wrestling tournament in Poland

In the Polish capital Warsaw passed the international tournaments cat. "A" of wrestling in which participated students struggle LUFK department. The results of their performance are:
female wrestling - Warsaw Cup:
Ludmila Balushka - the third city (in the in-rolled to 48kh)
Lesia Kohut - Second City (51kh)
Natalia Synyshyn - Second City (55kh)
Julia Ostapchuk - Second City (63kh)
wrestling - "Memorial Vaclav Tsiolkovsky"
Vasyl Fedoryshyn - the third of
These tournaments coaching Council considered a national team training for the World Cup in 2009, which will host Denmark in late September

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Taras Lipkevychu prevented injury

Only injury prevented tretokursnyku LUFK Taras Lipkevychu enter the start command for pursuit 4 km Youth European Championships (U-23)That 15-19 July 2009. held in the Belarusian capital.

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