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Вацеба, Качараба і Яструб запрошені до збірної команди України

        Відразу троє футболістів 9 класу Львівського училища фізичної культури (Андрій Вацеба, Тарас Качараба, Юрій Яструб) запрошені на установчий збір юнацької збірної команди України віком до 15 років (гравці 1995р.н. і мол.), який відбудеться 20-25 березня 2010р. у Сімферополі.

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У Франції виступили невдало

У м.Сен-Морі (Франція) пройшов черговий етап Кубка світу з фехтування на шпагах. На жаль, українська збірна, у складі якої виступало 3 вихованок ЛУФК, виступила невдало. Яна Шемякіна – на 19 позиції, Ксеня Пантелєєва – 151, Анфіса Почкалова – 161. У командних змаганнях українки одинадцяті.

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The National Olympic Committee of Ukraine celebrate 19 years birthday

December 22 1990. Assembly was created by the founders of the National Olympic Committee of Ukraine. Among the founders and a director LUFK Stephen Rodak.

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The best Athletes and Teams of Lviv Region 2009

Alumni and students of the Lviv State College Physical dominate among the best athletes of Lviv in 2009.

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Boxers LUFK won in Poland

4 gold, 3 silver medals and beautiful - Cup Marshal Śląskie County brought with m.Ruda Slaska, in Poland, students of the Lviv branch of boxing school physical education. From 17 to 20 December 2009. in this mining town was already XVII International boxing tournament im.Frantsishka Kika. This year the tournament in three age groups (young men, juniors, young) athletes competed with Russia, Czechia, Ukraine and Poland.

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Saba Nazar won the tournament Kotelnik A.

Dev'yatyklasnyk office box LUFK Saba Nazar won first place in the VII All-Ukrainian youth boxing tournament for the silver prize winner of XXVII Olympic Games, world champion among boxers-professionals, graduate school Andrey Kotelnik. Nazar won the in-rolled to 52kh. A student of class 8 Stanislav Kolibko took second place.

This tournament, co-organized by advocates from the beginning of school is one of the stages of review and selection of young boxers training in our institution.

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Roman Zakharko rides to Vancouver

In m.Lillehammeri (Norway) on 11-13 December 2009. I wasV stage of World Cup Luge, which was decisive in terms of gaining Olympic licenses to participate in the XXI Olympic Winter Games that 12 to 28 February 2010. will be held in Vancouver, Canada.

II year student LUFK Roman Zakharko Together with his partner, a graduate of the College Taras Senkivym took the stage 18m. Cup of Nations in competitions sledge-piece and won the Olympic license. Olympic license and took another pupil department Luge LUFK Yuriy Hayduk. And on stage the World Cup in Lillehammer, he won 16 races in place as sledge-dviyok. He asystuvav another person from Lviv  Andriy Kis.

All graduates of the College Marina Halaydzhyan and Igor Kozak Nations Cup races in 23 and 28 took place on the sledge with single.

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LUGE Results LUFK speech at the youth World Cup in Paramonov

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Pupils LUFK among the best in the "Grand Prix of Belgrade"

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LUFK got the Sports Palace

Decision of session of the Lviv Regional Council of 8 December 2009. Number 1091 to the Lvov School of Physical Education passed a sports complex on the street. Stus, 2 (the former palace of sport "labor reserves".)

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Xenia Pantyelyeyeva has no concurents in Kiev

Along with fencing tournament in Ukraine in Kiev held the traditional IX international fencing tournament in memory of swords and the USSR Honored coach of Ukraine S. KOLCHINSKOGO. In Kiev, there was equal odynadtsyatyklasnytsi LUFK Xenia Pantyelyeyeviy. Xenia won the competition among women and once again showed that the leader of the youth national team of Ukraine to participate in the Youth Olympics 2010.
Pleasant surprise was the 8 th place desyatiklassnitsa College Julia whistled.

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M. Lozynska and O. Senyuta got scores

In Lviv on 14-16 December 2009. has been a traditional national fencing tournament in memory of W. and M. Andrievsky. At home runs distinguished druhokursnytsi department fencing LUFK Martha Lozinska and Alexander Senyuta. Martha ranked second, and Alexander - Third in the fencing rapier and won the regular points in the nationwide ranking stronger fencer

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Football team LUFK best in tournament "memory of J. Lutsyshyn"

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Modern pentatlon team LUFK among the best in Ukraine

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Nazar Kurotchyn best in Kharkov

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