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pupil LUFK Olena Kushniruk - Silver XXV World Universiade

Graduate 2008. archery department of the Lviv School of Physical Education Olena K won the silver medal XXV World Summer Universiade in m.Belhradi. Elena Kushniruk distinguished in the team competition at the Olympic shooting with a bow.

Another pupil LUFK Dmytro Grachev won bronze medals in the men's competition and with Harkovchanka Victoria Koval took second place in the team mix.

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Results of the speech department students wrestling LUFK European Championship for juniors

Vasily Shuptar (first course) took 8m. in the weight category up to 60kg. In terms of competition and won the Bulgarian Vasil Dimitri Dimitrov, the following yielded by Russian Albert Kairkanovu. Andrew Kwiatkowski (graduate of 2007.) Won 14m. in weight class to 66kh.

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Результати виступу вихованців відділення боксу ЛУФК на V ЛЮСІУ

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Team girls LUFK - Silver V Summer sports games Ukraine Handball

LUFK girls team took place on 2 V Summer youth sports of Ukraine for handball. In the crucial match Lions’Jana gave teams Kherson region with a score 23:25. As a team played Salome Yaremchuk, Olesya Sherstyuk, Leo Smolinh Maria Tymtsyurak, Irina Stelmach, Galina Matvijchuk authorities, Kosmina, Ramin Novikova, and Maria White, Elizabeth Hilyazetdinova, Natalia Volovnyk, Tamara Smbatian, Anastasia Kolesnik, Tatyana Davydchak.

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Volodymyr Kuz' scholarships were granted during

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UFK handball among the best!

Brovary was fourth in the final round of nationwide youth competition in handball girls 1992-1993 rr.n. UFC team won all five games and won 2 nd place.

The best goalkeeper of the tournament is recognized 9 class pupil Elizabeth Hilyazetdinova, best extreme right - 9 class pupil Natalia Volovnyk.

Technical Team UFC games results:
LDUFK: Donetsk - 36:23;

LDUFK: Zaporozhye - 31:27;

LDUFK: Kiev - 33:31;

LDUFK: Brovary - 28:27;

LDUFK: Kherson - 29:23.

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Anfisa Pochkalov has von the World Cup in Female Junior Epee

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April 20-26 in the championship Chernivtsi Ukraine boxing among young

Results LUFK boxers participating in the championship of Ukraine among the young (Chernivtsi, 20-26 April 2009) Alexander Krasulya (1 year) - 2 in place of rolled up to 75 kg (won 4 victories) John Aleksandrivskyy (11 cl.) - 3 place in the in-rolled to 57 kg (2 victories) Vasily Kartashov (1 year) - 5 seats in the rolled up to 64 kg (2 victories) Alexander Krasulya a candidate for participation in the European championship among youth, who in August this year held in Poland.

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Nomination 2008

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Юлія Благіня здобула бронзу чемпіонату Європи

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IV Ukrainian children's competitions in gymnastics memory of Iryna Ivleva

On the initiative of the Lviv School of Physical Education (Director Stephen Rodak) and the support of gymnastics named Irene Ivlev (co Vasily Svyschov) in Lviv on 27-28 March 2009 were IV Nationwide children's competition in gymnastics memory  Irina  Mechanical ventilation. In the event attended by 78 athletes aged 7 to 11 years, Kirovograd, Kiev, Odessa, Khmelnytsky, Ternopil, Rivne, White Church, Chervonograd and the city, which competed  program and youth, II and III sports rules.
program and youth level
1. Pea Jana (Kirovograd)            -        To 54.85.
2. Kobylko Irina (Kirovograd)           -        To 54.05.
3. Poltavets Mar’Jana (Bila Church) --         To 51.4.
Program III sports rules
1. Duylovska Authority (Khmelnitsky) --      To 53.35.
2. Shapovalova Alina (Kirovograd)       -     To 52.85.
3. Zagrebelna Svetlana (m.Kirovhrad)   -    To 52.0.
Program II sports rules
1. Kovtun  Victoria (Kirovograd)     -        To 55.9.
2. Pirozhenko Yana (Odessa)                 -        To 49.8.
3. Synyushko Anna Maria (Lviv)       -        To 45.9.
During the inauguration of the competition were presented with certificates of scholarship  them. Irina Ivlev  in 2009  Scholars scholarships im.I.Ivlyevoyi  become the best student gymnastics department of the Lviv School of Physical Education, members of a reserve national team of Ukraine Elena Sheremet and Evgenia Shapovalova.
Iryna Ivleva - master of sports of gymnastics, gymnastics graduate department of the Lviv School of Physical Education and School of Journalism at Lviv National University. Ivan Franko. The last years of his life lived in Toronto (Canada), where she worked as a coach in gymnastics. Tragically killed in a car crash on the way to gymnastic competitions.
In 2006 at the initiative of a man I. Ivlev V. Svyschova in Lviv Support Fund was established in gymnastics, which supports a variety of exercise activities and initiatives.

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IV will be held March 26-28, nationwide children's competition in gymnastics memory. I. Ivleva

Irina Ivleva born in 1957 in Brussels, where I attended a music and dance schools. Moved to the city, started gymnastics, meet the standard master of sports, graduated from the Lviv College of Physical Education, and later - Lviv State University, Department of Journalism.
In 1995 Irina mechanical ventilation had to go from Ukraine to Canada, where her evident talent coach and choreographer. She was in love with sports, children and loved his work. Successfully combining choreography with gymnastics, Irene created his teaching method by which young athletes significantly lifted the level of training from their peers from other clubs. Children are so loved his coach with an unusual approach, waiting for classes to look. For a short time pupils Irina Ivlev won championships in Canada and the United States.
January 29, 2000 in faraway Canada tragically and unexpectedly ended Irina mechanical ventilation. She died in a car accident on the way to gymnastic competitions.
Irina came to say goodbye to the entire club. In the coffin favorite coach children left their sports awards - not just brought their show last time and left forever with that, which helped them win.
In March of 2006. Basil Svischova initiative - a man blessed memory of Irene mechanical ventilation began operating fund support the development of gymnastics, the first nationwide children's competitions Irina Ivlev, paid monthly stipends the best gymnasts the region, supported by a variety of exercise activities and initiatives.

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Юрій Локтіонов – бронзовий призер чемпіонату України зі спортивної ходьби серед юніорів.

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12-13 December at the gymnastics hall SKA was eleventh traditional international memoria

12-13 December at the gymnastics hall SKA was the eleventh international memorial to honor the traditional judges of the International Federation of Gymnastics Eugene Oryschyna. The participants were a team of Khmelnytsky, Kharkiv, Mariupol Kirovograd. Lions team representing SDUSHOR "builder", SYSOR Olymp-L, and LUFK.

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Medical Examination

All students of Lviv State College of Physical Training are obligated to be examined by physicians at least twice a year. Therefore all those who did not completed this obligation are kindly asked to do that as soon as it would be possible.

Administration of medical department.

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