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LUFK Water Polo Team - fourth in the open championship of Ukraine

In Dneprodzerzhinsk the period between November 27 and December 2, 2009. was the third final round of the Open Championship of Ukraine among boys 1993r.n. and junior. Team LUFK this round winning team Kharkov VUFK number 1 10:7, 11:9 Sevastopol, played to a draw with the teams of Odessa Mariupol 5:5 and 4:4, gave way to the winners - a team with m.Kyshyneva (Moldova) and ultimately, gaining 14 points, won 4 seats. In the first place team Kyshynev - 25p., II. - Odessa - 24p., III. - Mariupol - 14p.

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LUGE team LUFK took part in stage of the World Cup in Igls (Austria)

27-29 November 2009. in m.Ihlsi (Austria) took the second stage of World Cup Luge 2009/2010r.r season. The program of events took place race Cup of Nations. In these competitions were students and office Luge LUFK. Student and course Oleg Fitel Together with his partner Wynnyckyj John took place in 22 races sledge-dviyok. Behind them on the 23 place finished another piece Ukrainian Zakharko Roman (Second year) -- Senko Taras (vyp.). In the event this year among women graduate Halaydzhyan Marina at 33 positions, and student and course Polusytok Animals 43 took place.
In World Cup competitions graduate LUFK Yuriy Hayduk took place in 19 competitions and won first dviyok rating points to gain Olympic licenses.

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Results of speech fencer LUFK stage of the youth World Cup in Leszno

In m.Leshno (Poland) 27-30 November 2009. was the next stage of the Youth World Cup season 2009/2010r.r. Among the students performance results rapirystiv department fencing LUFK following:
- Senyuta Alexander (Second room) - 28m.
- Lozinska Martha (Second room) - 84m.
- Denis Ilyin (And K.) - 70m.
In the event attended by athletes from 14 countries worldwide.

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Results of speech fighters LUFK international tournament in memory of Hero of the Soviet Union, Ilya

25-29 November 2009. in Kherson has been a traditional international junior tournament wrestling memory of Hero of the Soviet Union, Ilya Kulik. The tournament was attended by athletes of Ukraine, Belarus and Moldova.

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Results LUFK students participate in the tournament stronger fencer Ukraine (juniors)

In g.Luganske from 22 to 26 November 2009. And the tournament was stronger rapirystiv Ukraine Junior age group.
Results of the speech department trainees fencing LUFK following:
- Senyuta Alexander (Second course) - the third place among girls
- Lozinska Martha (IIk.) - 8 place
- Pedosenko Martha (7kl.) - 27 seats
- Denis Ilyin (Ik.) - 19 among boys
Senyuta Alexander and Lozinska Martha entered duty rating points for hitting team in the junior team of Ukraine.

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Julia Cook goes to the World competition

From 6 until 12 December 2009. in m.Doha, capital of Qatar held the XIV World himnaziada. In the school team Ukraine national athletics himnaziadi take part in student and course Lviv State School of Physical Education Julia Cook. Julia competes in the 200m run at the obstacle.

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Vitaliy Danilov re-elected President of Ukraine Premier League

Graduate LUFK (Branch wrestling) Vitaly Danilov December 1st 2009. re-elected President of Ukraine Premier League football. In his nomination voted 11 to 16 owners of clubs.

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Evgeny Shmakov debuted in Illichivets

Pupil office football LUFK Yevhen Shmakov debuted in stock Mariupol Illichivets match in 14 rounds of Ukraine against Dnipro Dnipropetrovsk. Recall mariupoltsi in this game, lost 0:3. This is the second pupil LUFK claimed by Illichivets. Today, the club serves as Jarema Kavatsi.
And all the teams in the Premier League season 2009/2010r.r Ukraine. serves 21 player, who trained at the football department of the Lviv School of Physical Education.

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Anfisa Pochkalova won the World Cup

During the Congress FIE (International Fencing Federation) in m.Palermo (Italy) held a ceremony awarding the best swordsman of the World Cup season after the 2008-2009r.r. Among the 18 winners of the world is a fencing and a graduate of 2009. Office Fencing Lviv School of Physical Education Anfisa Pochkalova.
Anfisa awarded as the best young athlete in the world of fencing swords. For season 2008-2009. She twice won the Youth World Cup stages (m.m.Kyyiv, Modlinh (Austria)) and was third twice: on stage in Tauberbishofhaymi Cup (Germany) and the World Championship for juniors in m.Belfasti (Ireland).

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First Youth Olympic Games have mascots

With 266 days to start and Youth Olympics in Singapore the world were represented by official mascots of the competition - Lio and Merlot.

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Pupils LUFK started in the selection of Olympic Luge

In Kalhari (Canada) November 21-22, passed and stage the World Cup 2010 with the Luge. Recall that the World Cup competitions are selected to participate in the XXI Olympic Winter Games which start on February 12 in Vancouver, Canada. Among male inmates crew dviyok department Luge LUFK took place the following:
- Roman Zakharko / Taras Senko - 17m. - Time of 1.29,301;
- Yuriy Hayduk / Andriy Kis           - 18m. - Time of 1.29,688.
At the Olympic Games qualifying 20 crews stronger world.

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Luge team starts Olympic season

November 20 2009. team of Ukraine Luge will take part in the first stage the World Cup 2010 in m.Kalhari (Canada) and thus begins a new season, the main task of which will receive Olympic licenses to participate in the XXI Olympic Winter irhah in Vancouver.
Olympic license will rozihruvatys for rating points recruited to stage the World Cup. At the Olympics the best qualified 40 men, 30 women and 20 men crew dviyok.
In the national team for the Olympic license poboryutsya and students of the Lviv School of Physical Education: recent graduates Yuriy Hayduk, Taras Senko, Igor Kozak, Marina Halaydzhan and III year students Roman Zakharko.

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LUFK Shoters in "Olympic hopes" -2009

In m.Nitra (Slovakia) from 11 until 16 November were the traditional international competitions 'Olympic Hope' shooting, which attracted young athletes from 8 countries in Central and Eastern Europe: Bulgaria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Czechia, Hungary and Ukraine.

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November 17 - Student Day

Administration UFC welcomes all students from their holiday. Wish victories as in sports and in school.

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Chygrynskiy goes to World Cup

In Abu Dhabi - United Arab Emirates capital of 9 by 19 December 2009. world championships among clubs. In the Spanish of Barcelona, the club champion of Europe, participated in the tournament will take office football alumnus LUFK Dmitry Chygrynskyy.

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