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Luge team starts Olympic season

November 20 2009. team of Ukraine Luge will take part in the first stage the World Cup 2010 in m.Kalhari (Canada) and thus begins a new season, the main task of which will receive Olympic licenses to participate in the XXI Olympic Winter irhah in Vancouver.
Olympic license will rozihruvatys for rating points recruited to stage the World Cup. At the Olympics the best qualified 40 men, 30 women and 20 men crew dviyok.
In the national team for the Olympic license poboryutsya and students of the Lviv School of Physical Education: recent graduates Yuriy Hayduk, Taras Senko, Igor Kozak, Marina Halaydzhan and III year students Roman Zakharko.

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LUFK Shoters in "Olympic hopes" -2009

In m.Nitra (Slovakia) from 11 until 16 November were the traditional international competitions 'Olympic Hope' shooting, which attracted young athletes from 8 countries in Central and Eastern Europe: Bulgaria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Czechia, Hungary and Ukraine.

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November 17 - Student Day

Administration UFC welcomes all students from their holiday. Wish victories as in sports and in school.

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Chygrynskiy goes to World Cup

In Abu Dhabi - United Arab Emirates capital of 9 by 19 December 2009. world championships among clubs. In the Spanish of Barcelona, the club champion of Europe, participated in the tournament will take office football alumnus LUFK Dmitry Chygrynskyy.

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Holodyuk's Double in Belgium

November 13 2009. Youth team Ukraine national football team won the all-important victory in the away matches with the national team of Belgium 2:0 in the group qualifying tournament for the UEFA Euro-2010 (U-21) And the XXX Summer Olympics in London. Both balls into the gates of the Belgians scored pupil football department of the Lviv UFK Oleg Holodyuk.
During the first goal Oleg got pass from another "UFK-people" Nicholas Morozyuk, who played the entire match.

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Football team LUFK fourth in Krakow

In Krakow (Poland), November 9-10 2009. an International Junior Football Tournament "Cup of Independence on 91 anniversary of gaining independence by Poland.
The tournament was attended by a team of 11 class LUFK (U-17). The boys had three matches in the tournament. The first team lost, "HKS" m.Katovitse 1:3, the second won ISS SMS "Krakow 3:0 and ranked second in its group. In the butt game for the third place team lost on penalties UFC Cracovia Krakow 3:4 (fixed time 1:1) and eventually won the tournament 4 spot. Won the tournament with players m.Zhilina (Slovakia), who easily won the finals in Katowice "HKS" 4:0.
But citizens are not left without any awards. The best scorer was Andrew DrachWho scored 3 goals.

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In Krakow LUFK signed agreement with local schools of sports skills

In the city of Krakow during the international football tournament, signed a cooperation agreement and exchange of sports delegations Cup between Lviv College of Physical Culture and the complex public schools sports skills in Krakow. Under the agreement the parties will cooperate in joint exercises and games, sharing experience and developing good-neighborly relations between Ukrainian and Polish youth.

With the parties signed a contract school director Stephen Rodak from Krakow side - Set Director Miroslav Hilyarskyy.

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Wrestlers LUFK in Warsaw

In Warsaw (Poland) 6-8 November 2009. was IX International Tournament in men's wrestling on S. Reed. At the tournament distinguished students LUFK: tretokursnyk Vladimir Perhalyuk won in the weight category to 74kh and sophomore Vasily Shuptar - In the weight category up to 60kg. Second place in this category took the student and course John Kusyak. So, in this final "weight" citizens played together.

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Candidates to participate in YUOI

Ministry of Ukraine for Family, Youth and Sports in conjunction with the National Olympic Committee of Ukraine has established a list of 212 athletes that will prepare for and youth Olympic Games, in August 2010. held in Singapore. Among the candidates to participate in YUOI 13 students of the Lviv School of Physical Education.

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Finished autumn of championship of Ukraine for youth football teams

The decision of the Bureau Duflo Ukraine dated 3 November 2009. no matches and the circle group championships of Ukraine among the youth teams of the season 2009/2010r.r. Premier League due to the epidemic of influenza transferred to the spring period.

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Complete results inmates LUFK at the European Fencing Championship

Complete results of the performance of pupils LUFK European Championship Junior Fencing, which has 1 to November 6 2009. took place in the Danish Odnese are:
- Pochkalova A. (vyp. 2009). - IIIm.os., 11m.kom.
- Pantyelyeyeva K. (11kl.) - 13m.os., 11m.kom.
- Senyuta O. (IIk.) - 16m.os., 4m.kom.
- D. Ilyin (Ik.) - 73m.os.

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Fencing team got 11 place in Europe

Women's Team of Ukraine on guard at the European championship among juniors, which ended in of Denmark, took place 11. In 1/8 Final Ukraine suddenly lost rumunkam 39:45.
In the Ukraine national team played 2 pupils Lviv School of Physical Education: Anfisa Pochkalova  and Xenia Pantyelyeyeva.

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Alexander Senyuta by step from the European pedestal

European Championship 2009 Fencing Junior, which has 1 to November 6 was in m.Odense (Denmark) II year student LUFK Alexandra Senyuta stopped by step from the pedestal.

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Anfisa Pochkalova third again

In Odense (Denmark) last European Championship-2009 Fencing Junior. This year's graduate department of the Lviv Fencing School of Physical Education Anfisa Pochkalova won the championship bronze medals in competitions shpazhystok. In the ½ finals in a tense duel over Anfisa lost rossiyanke Eugenia Seregina 10:11. A champion of Europe became Italian Rozzelli F'yaminho that easy rozibralasya with Seregin 15:9.
Recall that a month ago at the World Fencing Championships, held in Turkey Antalya Anfisa also became the bronze medalist.
11 class pupil Xenia Pantyelyeyeva in 1/8 finals lost Katharine Cock from Finland and eventually won 13 ranking position.

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LUFK Shooters Results on youth championship of Ukraine

In Dnepropetrovsk from 26 to 31 October 2009. Ukraine Championship was shooting among athletes for 20 years.

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